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4WD tyres: Chunkier not always best


North Queensland is a 4WD country – using four wheel drive vehicles to get off the beaten track or for off road working condition, so choosing the right 4WD tyres isn’t simple. In fact, the choice is as diverse as the terrain across Australia.

Choosing the right 4WD tyres:

While 4WD tyres must be able to handle a much greater variety of conditions than normal passenger tyres, often carrying more than an average car in less-than-ideal conditions, they are basically manufactured in two ways:

Radial ply 4WD tyres. Steel belted radials are by far the most prevalent tyres used on 4x4s in today’s world. Technology in this type of tyre is always being updated to enhance traction and tread wear.
Bias ply 4WD tyres. Older tube type technology, however still in demand for certain applications especially kangaroo shooters and pastrol properties. Bias ply tyres tend to stand up straighter in the sidewalls and resist staking much better than the steel belted radials. Not really suitable for continuous high speed driving as this type of tyre will build up heat.

Highway, All Terrain and Mud Terrain 4WD tyres

The next choice you have to make when choosing 4WD tyres is based on three basic types of tyre. 4WD tyres are available as:
Highway Terrain (H/T) 4WD tyres. Highway tyres are similar to regular passenger tyres that are used on sealed roads across Australia.
All Terrain (A/T) 4WD tyres. All terrain tyres cater for the needs of the majority of 4WD owners. Suitable for both highway and limited off road use. Some road noise when driving on bitumen will occur.
Mud Terrain (M/T) 4WD tyres. Mud terrain tyres have much deeper tread, with bigger voids, providing better traction for vehicles that regularly go ‘off road. Not really suitable for majority of highway use as raod noise and tyre wear will increase significantly.

Which 4WD tyres are right for you?

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Truck, Trailer and Light Tyres

Finding the best truck and trailer tyres to suit the varied and harsh Queensland conditions is important. Tyres that suit the application ensures you get values for money. An expensive tyre in the wrong application is an unnecessary cost to operation. There are lots of options, factors and tyre brands to consider.

About truck and light tyres

Truck, trailer and light tyre sizes follow a standard coded formula, making it easy to see which tyres are the best or top rated option for a given vehicle and application.

Standard profile truck and light tyres feature codes that look like this: 11R22.5, 295/80 R22.5 and 385/65 R22.5; whereas low-profile truck and light tyres will have the form 7.00 R16 to 265/70 R19.5.

Understanding how truck and light tyres are rated

• The 11R or 275/80 indicates a tyre’s section width (the widest point of an unloaded tyre) and aspect ratio.
• An ‘R’ indicates radial tyres, while bias ply truck and light tyres will feature a dash.
• The ‘22.5’ in the codes above indicate the wheel diameter.
• Different sizes have different load and speed rating .

Application critical for the best truck and light tyres

Selecting the right tyre to suit the application is critical. There are numerous tread patterns on the market for a reason, application. If you do purely line haul then your you will be looking for tyres suited for long driving on bitumen roads. Cattle carriers normally travel on around 50/50 bitumen and dirt roads where anti chip and cut properties need to be part of the tyre manufacture as well as traction for the dirt.

Having the wrong tyre for the application will result in some or all of the wear patterns below:
• Increased or uneven wear
• Reduced fuel efficiency
• Increased potential for shredding or blow outs

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